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GM Anima

Rules and Regulations

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Server Rules

Rules & Regulations
RESPECT Respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. You are not to harass, threaten, deceive, or cause any distress or unwanted attention to other players.

Let's make it a fun and safe place for everyone to enjoy. You are not to communicate or include in any offensive words in your name, team, guild, parties and emblems. We do not tolerate hate, racism, sexism, discrimination, bullying and harassment. We do not tolerate offensive languages, ethnic and racial slurs. We do not tolerate promoting and referencing pornographic materials and sexual acts. We do not tolerate inappropriate references to human anatomy, drugs, religion, and real life people.


NEVER provide your personal information in-game, community boards, Facebook, and a like. AnimaRO Staff will never ask you for your password or personal information.


You are not to advertise with the intent to buy, sell, trade in-game item(s), accounts or offer in-game services for real-world monetary transactions. We do not tolerate this kind of trade, scam reports resulting in such will not be assisted and will be ignored. Do not engage in these kind of transactions. You are not to beg, seek, or demand free items from any player or Game Masters (GM). 

It is important not to use server flaws in order to advance in-game as this will ruin the server. Kindly report any anomaly/bugs (any glitch that gives unintended benefits to players) immediately to Developers too keep a healthy balanced server

You are not to use any automated programs that alter/affect the server's game play, this includes AFK farming or bots.

There will be NO SPAMMING or ABUSING of our chat system, this includes flooding private messages and broadcast system.


Please use our forums to report any kind of player abuse. Any malicious or false report with intent to cause stress to other players will lead to account suspension or termination, depending on the gravity of abuse.


Any GM shall have the power to decide if there is a violation in-game while in play. They have the power to give sanction on the spot when they find it necessary. You are not to disrespect any staff in-game who does so. You are free to appeal/state your case in the forums. You are free to Report abusive GMs directly to the ADMIN. 

YOU DO NOT, NEVER, NOT EVER impersonate any member of AnimaRO Staff for any reason at all. AnimaRO Staff will never ask you for your items, your password or personal information. 


You are not to promote/advertise/market other servers in-game or in forums


Keep in mind that a GM playing as a regular player is considered off-duty, please let them enjoy the game too. General Rules & Regulations applies to all GM in all type of account. A GM playing as a regular player must abide all rules, is not above it and is expected to be at their best at all times. Off-duty GMs MAY or MAY NOT respond to your requests. Please report important cases directly and politely. Report other concerns in Forums.


GMs are allowed to intervene in any way they deem necessary. Please don't limit your understanding of the server rules to what is stated above.

Also these are just guidelines and instructions, not everything stated here is set in stone, so nitpicking about some loopholes you find here or other minuscule things is pointless. If you feel that you should report someone then report them regardless of how much of the criteria above is fulfilled or not. However also be prepared that we might not punish said person. These are simply providing some guidelines as to what to provide in the reports to ensure the perpetrator gets punished. On the other hand, we may also punish people even if none of the things defined on these guidelines is fulfilled. We have our own ways to acquire proof as well, so don't forget that.

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